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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Bad Thing About Free Medical Advice Online

So you haven't felt well for a while, but you would rather not go see the Doctor because it just flat out takes too long. You jump on the internet and search for free medical advice online and you find numerous resources. Most of which are absolute junk. It really isn't that intelligent to get your medical advice from an online source. Did you spend 8 years training to become a doctor? Are you a board certified physician? I'm guessing that you aren't, or else you wouldn't be searching for free medical advice online. If my assumptions are correct then there is no reason why you should be diagnosing yourself based off of free medical advice that you found online.

First of all, it is free, which should tell you something about the value of it right off the bat. The second thing is that sometimes illnesses and diseases carry the same exact symptoms but one may be deadly and the other harmless. There really is no way to know how sick you are without being examined by a doctor and allowing them to run some tests. If you don't want to go to the doctor because you don't have private insurance and it will take forever to get in then I suggest you re prioritize your health and get a private policy.

Getting your medical advice online may seem like a great idea, but in the end of the day you shouldn't be betting your health on something somebody said on the internet.

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