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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop Around on the Internet for Pregnant Women Insurance

Of all the people who should carry health insurance, pregnant women are the most critically important.

The reason is clear enough: there are myriad things that can go wrong during pregnancy - or could be made better if your wife is aware of certain facts and has access to the right help.

The best things in life are not free. They cost money, and children more so than sports cars, yachts or penthouses. All your material possessions you can replace easily enough, but your little bundle of joy is a miraculous God-given blessing. No responsible father leaves pregnant women insurance to chance. It is imperative, therefore, that you ensure your wife has regular medical checks for any problems that can be nipped in the bud while there's time.

Sadly, many women do not carry medical health insurance and do not take the regular ante-natal checks. Statistics reveal that these women's babies are born underweight and suffer a higher incidence of post-natal death.

The burgeoning cost of health insurance in the United States is linked directly to the spiraling costs of medical treatment - and hospital in particular - so carrying health insurance is vital, more so than ever. The American Health Association's figures show that 41 million Americans carry no insurance, and that at any given time around 13 percent of pregnant American women are not covered by any form of medical insurance. This sort of irresponsibility seems hard to credit, but it means that an enormous number of kiddies are behind the eight ball right from birth. They deserve a better birthright.

The problem lies often with insurance companies' refusal to accept insurance proposals from women whose pregnancy has been diagnosed as a pre-existing condition. It is not unreasonable to suggest that, as you and your wife will no doubt plan on having a family, you should arrange for her health cover as soon as possible after you're married.

Still, there are ways around the situation of your wife's being pregnant and uninsured.

Firstly, shop around on the internet for underwriters who will insure pregnant women and provide discounted pregnant women insurance.

Secondly, take note that there are some federally funded schemes that offer health care coverage for low-income earners. Medicaid is a good example of one such programme; it will accept your wife even if she is pregnant.

In conclusion, remember not to rush into a plan just because it's cheap or available. Certainly, you'd like both factors in your favour, but ensure that the plan you choose suits your needs comprehensively; don't learn when it's too late that you have doctor's visits covered but not hospital stays.

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