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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why the Acai Berry is So Popular

Its no wonder that the acai berry is now known worldwide for its weight loss uses as well as helping to increase energy levels as it has the backing of many high profile celebrities. When a product so effective comes into a billion dollar market, there is always a frenzy amongst celebrities and that why you see more and more exposure across news networks and chat shows as this product is put through its paces.

Dr Perricone has also stated that her recent weight loss was all thanks to the powerful antioxidants that is found within the acai berry and it has helped her and many others to increase fat oxidation as well as increase metabolism.

With the high nutrient content of this popular super food, now even me and you can easily get hold of this magnificent product at a fraction of its retail price as companies worldwide are competing to be the main supplier.

You have to be very careful of who you deal with as you may be aware that where there is a popular product, there is also a scammer trying to pray on people that want this product. The free trial scam is one of the most annoying ones that has arisen from the launch of this super food.

Although there are many companies that offer legitimate free trials, how can you tell the difference as all these sites look very professional and also have testimonials from recent customers which makes it look believable. You must be extra careful as to qualify for the free trial you have to pay shipping and handling which requires credit card details.

The free trial scammers will send you your first months supply for free, only charging you shipping and handling. If your not happy and want to cancel the re billing schedule you would think that all you would have to do is send an email or call the customer care line. What your not aware of is that some websites will provide fake contact details and you will only realise this when you wish to cancel.

These fake companies will then re bill your credit card without notice, even if you wish to cancel. These are not reputable and reliable companies.

To remain safe you would need to buy from a company such as acai berry select that is in partnership with market health that is a leader in health and beauty products online who also offer guarantees to buyers. You will never be scammed as these companies are founded on trust and repeat business.

Stay safe online when joining an acai berry free trial and use the most popular, respected and reliable providers to ensure your credit card details don't fall into the wrong hands.

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