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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maternity Insurance Options

For any young mother, pregnancy is a time of unbridled joy, when she is so happy to welcome into the world yet another God-given life, a blessing and a prized bestowal upon her and her husband that only the Lord Himself will equally appreciate and celebrate.

But then comes that smack in the face from something worse than a head-on collision with a runaway goods train: the happy couple check their health insurance and find that the deductible is too high to cover the pregnancy or, worse, there is no maternity insurance at all. If you are so dependent on tax-payer assistance to look after the birth of your child, you should read on.

There are insurance companies that will set you up with a supplemental maternity insurance, at an additional cost, but they view pregnancy as an existing condition and will insist on waiting up to 18 months before reimbursing you any of the expenses associated with your pregnancy and birth. If you are only newly married and still working on it, then this might be an acceptable option. If, however, you are already pregnant you might find the maternity insurance company has taken more of a business footing.

But it does still pay to shop around. Do that, incidentally, on the internet. Be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Discount health care programmes:

There are some discount health insurance programmes that have been designed for the specific purpose of helping women cope with the expenses of their pregnancies. These are not conventional insurance policies; rather they are designed to help you get discounts from doctors' and hospitals' bills, which can amount to huge savings. A benefit of this card is that it often has attached to it access to a nurse hotline and a patient advocacy team. These can be invaluable if you're mentally infirm, emotionally unstable or totally friendless and without support.

Government programme:

If you are embarrassingly impecunious, and your husband is out of work with no prospects, you may take recourse through the Women's Health Insurance Programme or the Women and Infant Children Programme - two taxpayer-funded programmes that can help you through the costs of your pregnancy. To find access to these agencies you will need to contact your local public assistance office; there you will obtain more details of both your benefits and your obligations.

If you are still looking for someone to pay for your and your husband's baby, use a maternity insurance quote website to look up what might be the answer to your wants.

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