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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is one of the benefits of employment at most companies. It is a great benefit for a couple of reasons. First, the premiums for group insurance are almost always a lot less. This is because insurance carriers can afford to come down on their rates when they get lots of new members at one time. It can be related to purchasing something in bulk. When you buy in bulk, the price is always cheaper. This same principle is used by insurance companies when selling group contracts.

Secondly, group policies don't require you to have physical before being accepted. And in most cases, even the pre-existing clause is waived. You are automatically accepted into the plan if you working full time and have passed the probation period. Some companies have a three month waiting period when you start work, before putting you on the plan.

Every company has a certain time of year that is for "open enrollment'. This mean that anyone in your family that was not on the plan before, but wants to be now, can be added to the policy. Or it can also work just the opposite, if someone wants to get off the plan. But once you make this decision you have to live with it until the next open enrollment. The only exceptions to this rule are for marriage and divorce. Changes like these can be done throughout the year.

Small business owners can also now offer group insurance. The rates may not be quite as good as a larger company would get, but the employees can still get insurance. There needs to be at least two people, and no more than 50, to qualify for small business group insurance.

Today, more than ever, insurance companies are working harder to offer affordable health insurance to as many people as possible. Some people even say that insurance is a "necessary evil", but being covered with the right insurance is a good thing. Knowing that families have access to the best medicare care, without a huge financial strain, is something you can't afford to be without.

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