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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Understanding Your Yeast Infection Cause is the First Step to Finding a Cure

Yeast infection, just like any other diseases, can best be treated if you have a deeper understanding of what it really is. Surely, you can never step up the ladder and just find out the possible ways to cure it without knowing and finding out first the cause. If you understand why this occurs, you can understand how you can cure it most effectively.

So now, if the cause of this problem is not clear to you yet, it is about time that you make an effort to learn about it. This is very important to help you along the process of getting rid of it as well as not getting it in the first place.

Common Causes of Yeast Infection

Here are some of the most common reasons why candida occurs:

- Immune system. Since the body has natural yeast in it, the candidiasis occurs when it multiplies rapidly. One of the most-known causes of this rapid reproduction is having lowered immune system. This usually happens when you are stressed, sick, unable to sleep well, and tired.

- Hormones. For women, it is common that they have this infection in the vagina. This happens usually because of the hormonal changes of the body during the end of their menstrual cycle. Also, pregnancy and birth control are two factors that cause yeast infection too.

- Sex. Sexual intercourse is another yeast infection cause. If a partner has this disease, there are higher chances that it will be transmitted to the other. This is because the candida can be passed in the form of bodily fluids, which are more likely in the semen.

- Antibiotics. Too much usage and even prolonged use of antibiotics can be a cause of yeast infection as well.

- Diabetes. If you have an elevated level of blood sugar, there are higher chances that the yeast can grow quickly.

Other Situations that Trigger Yeast Infection

Candida can also occur based on the status of the environment around you as well as what you usually do such as the following:

- You can develop this infection if you usually use tight clothing as well as damp ones.

- Hot and humid weather usually triggers the development of the infection because yeast grows rapidly in the presence of moisture.

- Bad diets can also be a factor especially eating junk foods.

- Sweating, especially if not attended to right away, can cause yeast infection.

- Poor hygiene as well as perfumed feminine sprays can greatly support yeast infection.

- Using dirty needles for injection is another cause of candida. This is especially true if the needle is first used to a person who has yeast infection himself.

In as simple as knowing all these causes of the candida, you are given light as to what needs to be done to stop them. It works fairly the same as the development of medicines. The cause will always be the basis of creating cures. Therefore, if you wish to get rid of the suffering, better know some causes, if not all.

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