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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Health or Disease

"Health or disease" is the major cause of concern for the human race. We have been studying humans, dead and alive, sick and well, and our focus is looking for the "cause of disease". This is orchestrated in an organized manner for more than five thousand years.

This mass of alive and dead education has been systematized, card-indexed, and cross-filed into libraries of millions of books, magazines and articles. It has been channeled through colleges into millions of brains through hundreds of thousands of educators.

Health or disease is the question baffling the gray areas of life fighting against disease. As a result of this "fight" against disease, hundreds of universities, research centers and hospitals have been built. Experts the world over attempting to conquer disease spend more money each year than for any other reason. After all this time, research, building, treating and expense, we have more ailment and disease than ever before.

We surely must be heading in the wrong direction with this approach to health care.

It seems like wisdom and common sense to turn this around and study the "cause of health" rather than to fight disease.

Dis-ease is nothing more than the absence of ease, just as dis-order is the absence of order. Disease is not an entity, not a thing. Rather disease is the absence of a thing. Just as darkness is the absence of light, disease is the absence of life -the life force of the body. If there is darkness, it is just because the light has been prevented to enter.

You do not have to fight a war against the darkness - you do not have to "cure" it.

All that is necessary for health to thrive is for you to remove the"blockage" and let the light in and the dis-ease will go away.

As the light enters, the darkness disappears. So it is with our body and mind - remove the interference and the darkness and disease disappear as a natural consequence.

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