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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Health Insurance for Pregnancy - For Healthy Mother and Child

Maternity and/or pregnancy benefits are a necessity for many families and they want it to be affordable. There is a variety of coverage available from many different health insurance for pregnancy providers, but you will need to note that you should get coverage prior to conceiving since many of these companies won't let pregnancy or maternity benefits kick in until at least nine months.

While you might think this will be fine since you can get coverage at any time prior to the birth of your child, it really isn't. Pregnancy, as far as the insurers are concerned, is a pre-existing condition across the board and they will not cover you after the fact. You either need to plan ahead to cover the pregnancy and birth or you need to pay for this out of pocket and think about an insurance plan for both mother and child after the birth.

When Will My Pregnancy be Covered?

Once a health insurance for pregnancy policy has been purchased, you will generally need to wait for nine months before it becomes usable. Some insurers, however, do have limited benefits that can be used from the onset of the policy. If you purchase a plan with a nine month wait you cannot already be pregnant and deliver prior to the end of the nine months and expect to be covered for anything. Again, it is critical that you have a policy in place well before you plan to conceive.

In What Way is a Pregnancy Billed?

Prior to setting up your health insurance for pregnancy policy, it would be a good idea to inquire about pre-natal care and costs at your doctor's office. Generally speaking, your pregnancy will be billed in one overall amount by an obstetrician and you can then plan to have a policy in place that will cover all the costs from pre-natal care all the way through to the delivery room. The bill should then be simply settled directly through your insurance company in one shot.

It's an absolute necessity, if you want the best care possible for you and your baby, to get a health insurance for pregnancy policy that covers pregnancy in place before conceiving. You'll get the most from your health insurance if you practice due diligence and plan ahead.

In some states of the US you can buy a policy known as a "guarantee issue" cover. This can help you out if your employer is too small to qualify you for COBRA assistance. To qualify, you must have held health insurance for the preceding and continuous 18 months.

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