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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Waiting for Medicare? Healthy Americans Save With Temporary Health Insurance

The American health care system is based primarily on benefits provided by an employer. These benefits are usually good. And since the employer pays for most of these plans, they are very affordable. However, many people are either self-employed, retire early, or they are between jobs and need insurance coverage. Monthly premiums are based on age and health history. The older Americans get, the more expensive their individual and family medical insurance plans are going to be. For this reason, the government set up the Medicare system to care for our nation's seniors without having to worry about skyrocketing insurance costs.

While this solves the problem of high medical insurance bills once you become eligible for Medicare at the age of 65, it doesn't help the Americans who are paying the most for monthly premiums than they ever have or ever will. Right before Americans get to 65, they are paying the most for their coverage.

Many healthy seniors qualify for these temporary health insurance plans that provide benefits for major medical issues like hospitalizations or surgeries, but costs much less than plans with co payments. Sometimes it is good for the person to pay more for COBRA or more expensive benefits that are already in place. The reason is that Temporary Insurance plans are not available to everyone. People who are interested will need to answer a few medical underwriting questions to see if they qualify.

These plans are simple issue which means that they do not go through a human underwriter. Everything is based on how you answer the questions on the online application. Usually it only takes around five minutes and you get your cards instantly through email. But some of the issues that disqualify my clients for this major savings is diabetes, cancer, and stroke. These are not the only things that disqualify people. But these are some of the medical issues that might disqualify someone for these plans.

Even with the health questions, these plans have the most lenient medical underwriting requirements of any other type of policy. They only ask about the past 5 years of history and they don't ask about cholesterol, high blood pressure, anti-depressants, smoking and other such issues that might disqualify someone for other types of medical insurance plans.

If you are just a couple of months until Medicare starts, see if you qualify to save a ton of money with these temporary insurance plans that are approved by the government in each state under their rules and regulations. Join other Americans waiting for Medicare and experience savings that will amaze you. Stop paying too much for coverage.

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