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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is Pregnancy Insurance Coverage a Myth?

Maternity is the term of a pregnancy, that wonderful-cum-worrying period from conception to birth. For husband and wife alike, this is a fabulous nine months as the couple shares the denouement of a miracle - but it can be a harrowing time, too, as the couple undergoes the lifestyle changes that come with anxiety, praying that nothing goes wrong with the pregnancy and rebudgetting to cope with all the new and strange expenses: there's maternity wear, doctor's visits and check-ups, vitamins and supplements, and they're just for starters.

To help mothers-to-be ride out this rollercoaster, insurance companies provide assistance via specially tailored medical health plans.

This sort of plan is especially helpful to the moderately well-off husband who might not be able to meet the expenses of his wife's pregnancy and childbirth all at once. Pregnancy insurance coverage helps reduce pregnancy costs such as clothing, medical and special dietary bills, and allows the parents to avail themselves of appropriate health care, medication and other services that they and their child might need. A medical insurance plan designed especially for pregnancy covers considerably more contingencies than does a government departmental programme such as Medicaid.

In the event of a complication during confinement that requires your wife's prolonged stay in hospital - and even possibly call for an operation or other medical procedure - you can both depend on your maternity policy to see you through the attendant expenses. Keep in mind that such an "unforeseen circumstance" might be your baby's premature birth, necessitating the child's being kept in an incubator for several weeks. Conventional insurance is unlikely to cover the costs of this eventuality, but the associated costs should all be taken care of by a maternity-specific form of medical insurance.

To recapitulate, then, pregnancy insurance coverage is not an extravagance or an unnecessary "top-up"; it is one of the best ways you and your wife can take care of your born or un-born child. The financial security it guarantees entitles your wife to the best possible care and, with the backing of a reputable and dependable pregnancy insurance coverage specialist, you can rest easy knowing there will be no nasty surprises among the ante-natal, post-natal and subsequent medical costs.

It's fair, in fact, to describe a pregnancy insurance coverage as a life-saving decision. Would you really countenance taking chances with an innocent and defenceless human life? Not to mention the health and well-being of your wife, should her childbirth be a difficult one. Best of all, you can pay this form of cover in easy AP deductions.

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