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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Best Individual Health Insurance Quote Comes With Customer Support

Who needs an individual health insurance quote? Actually, the majority of Americans. People who need these types of quotes are single individuals, students who have outgrown their parents' plans, people who work or small businesses and don't get insurance through their jobs, and people who are unemployed and don't have any dependents to insure.

People who need an individual health insurance quote also typically have the hardest time paying for it. Yep, that's right. And that's why there are more than 40 million uninsured people in the U.S.

There are ways to find plans that are more affordable, however. Yes, it can still be done!

First, you need to get an individual health insurance quote from a live person - not the Internet. If you go searching online, you are just going to waste a lot of time. It's much easier, faster and more helpful to talk to an agent. What's the best part? Most companies offer an individual health insurance quote for FREE! In fact, please do NOT call an agency that doesn't offer it for free - it's just a waste of your money.

Next, when you call to get your quote, think of a list of questions you'd like the agent to answer. For example, you can ask about copay amounts, monthly premiums, what kinds of plans are available to you, what the difference is between the plans, and if you can see the your doctor or go to your hospital. Also, if you are taking prescription medication, make sure your plan covers it.

When you call in to get an individual health insurance quote, also make sure to ask about ways you can make it more affordable. Here are some suggestions of questions to ask:

Can I raise the deductible in order to lower the monthly premium?

Can I set up a health savings account to help pay the higher deductible?

Is there any way to lower my copay amounts (usually there isn't, but it's worth a try).

Are there other plans that may be cheaper?

When you find a plan that fits within your budget, you just have to make sure it also provides you with the coverage you want. Again, ask about your doctor, hospital and medicine coverage. Make sure the plan covers what you need it to. If not, ask about other plans. Happy hunting!

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