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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Add More Inches to Your Height With Shoulder Posture Brace

Did you know that you are literally taking off inches from your height when you slouch? Yes, this is the hard fact that most of us do not realize. It's going to be so hard for someone to be declined for a job, a sports team, a cheer-leading squad, a beauty pageant, a modeling agency, and all other areas where height is deemed as a big plus factor just because he or she didn't possess enough height for the position. Does this sound a bit familiar to you?

Now, take a look at how you're sitting right now. Are you slouching? How about when you stand or walk, do you tend to move your head and torso forward? If you're not standing, sitting, or walking in a 90-degree angle imaginary line, you do slouch. Don't try to trick yourself now, you know you do.

Don't worry, we're not going to blame you for having such a bad posture but we will if you don't fix it. When your shoulders tend to droop, you are removing two to three inches off your height. You are tall - you just don't know it yet. So in order to remedy your "height issues," we recommend using a shoulder posture brace. This will instantly fix your shoulder posture and the longer you wear this, the more your shoulder will attune to its normal and correct posture.

So instead of correcting your posture each time you notice that you're slouching, it would be best not to think about it at all. By using a shoulder posture brace, you will instantly add about two to three inches to your height and this will stay for good once your shoulders have adjusted to their standard posture.

So let's say for example, your current height is 5 feet and 2 inches. When you start using the posture brace, you gained two inches so that makes 5 feet and 4 inches of your total height. When you were first declined in the modeling agency you applied for in the past because you didn't pass the screening test, try it again because now your height is at the minimum required level. You'd be surprised that the only reason you were declined at first was because of your height.

Don't let a few inches take a toll of your life and hinder you from achieving your dreams. There are ways of achieving them and thank God there's a posture brace you can rely on. If you wanted to change your life forever, then the time is now - there's no reason to wait.

Did you know that your height might be artificially suppressed because of bad posture? Because of this, you might not be able to achieve your dreams and aspirations since you don't have the "height" for it. Don't let this become a problem, fix it! There are some posture brace reviews for you to read and decide on in order to permanently treat your height woes.

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