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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arthoscopic Knee Surgery Recovery

Arthoscopic knee surgery recovery can be a difficult and time consuming task. Here are some great tips, from experience, that can help reduce the pain and speed up the recovery time.

What is Arthoscopic Knee Surgery

Arthoscopic surgery is a modern surgical method of repairing knee problems. The surgery is done using a small camera called and Arthoscope and is inserted into the knee through small incisions. The minimal incisions can decrease the recovery time from surgery.

Quick Arthoscopic Knee Surgery Recovery

Once the surgery is done the recovery phase begins. The arthoscopic knee surgery recovery time line can last anywhere from 2 months for a simple scope to over a year fro a knee replacement. Here are some tips to help you recovery quickly from your arthoscopic surgery...

1. Take it easy

Immediatly after surgery you will be on pain medication and not feel very much pain, during this time it is important to take it easy and not rush to put weight on it.

2. Reduce Swelling

The swelling in the knee can cause significant difficulty with increasing the range of motion. In order to help increase the range of motion make sure to reduce the swelling. Follow the standard RICE protocol and make sure the knee stays elevated for periods of time during the recovery. The surgeon will likely recommend a cryo cuff water/ice feed system which can significantly reduce the swelling.

3. Caring for the Wound

Make sure you don't get the fresh wound wet as an infection at this stage can be very difficult to combat and cause secondary problems with the recovery.

4. Knee Surgery Exercises

There are many exercises after surgery that can help your knee including the heel prop, heel slide, prone knee flexion etc. These exercises can improve balance, increase range of motion and help speed up your recovery.

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