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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Discover How to Stop Recurring Yeast Infections Immediately

Everyone can be prone to yeast infections since each of us has some amount of yeast in our bodies. The most common kind of yeast infection is brought about by the fungus Candida albicans. Some of the symptoms felt when one has vaginal yeast infection is a white or yellowish discharge that smells like bread, reddening of the skin and itching. The itching is caused by the irritating waste products of the multiplying Candida. While the increase in their population is caused by an imbalance of the pH environment.

A woman can have recurring yeast infections because of the hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy, menstruation, the use of antibiotics (which kill good bacteria and microorganisms that help keep the vagina healthy), having diabetes or a high-sugar diet (since yeast populations increase when there is a lot of sugar) and having a partner with yeast infections.

If you have such a recurring infection and you have been diagnosed in the past, you can easily self-medicate with the use of natural products. But first, you should try to find out why the infection has been occurring. For example, you should also have your partner diagnosed since he may have penis yeast infection. Once you have been cured, your partner may pass on his yeast infection to you. So both of you should get treated. If you have diabetes or a poor immune system, you can expect recurring infections. You should try to have a healthier lifestyle. If you merely have a high-sugar diet, you should lessen your sugar intake. Actually, the normal amount of sugar to intake in a day is just 10 teaspoons.

Another cause of recurring yeast infections is the use of synthetic fabric underwear. It is better to wear cotton underwear since these are breathable. Even if you buy silk or lace panties, you should make sure that it has a cotton crotch. After bathing you should make sure that your vaginal area is dry since yeast organisms like moist and humid cavities. Also stay away from harsh soaps and perfumed products since they irritate the vagina.

Once you have learned the culprit of the yeast infection and you have stopped the habit that causes yeast growth, you can then try to self-medicate yourself. Douching with yoghurt or a mild vinegar mixture can help return the normal pH of the vagina. You should also be reminded that you should not make douching a routine since this may cause irritation.

Another home remedy that is said to be effective is the use of boric acid. You may put it in a capsule and use it as suppository. You may also use garlic as a vaginal suppository - just make sure to take it out after a few hours.

Recurring yeast infections can also be cured by regularly eating garlic and onion. You can have garlic and onion soup for every meal each day. Eating yoghurt and drinks with lactobacilli will also help. Cranberry juice and sauce are also great remedies. Some herbs that you can use both for drinking and douching are goldenseal, sage and tea tree.

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