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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Discover How to Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptoms Effectively

Once in a woman's life, she may experience some mild vaginal infections such as a vaginal yeast infection. Other infections are also bacterial in nature. Both yeast and bacterial infections have symptoms such as discharges. Vaginal yeast infection symptoms are discharges, itching and irritated skin. Some even experience burning sensations. All of these are caused by an outburst of yeast population in one's body. In reality, each of us has some yeast and fungi living in our bodies. However, they are in quite containable populations. They are contained by our immune system and the good bacteria in our bodies.

There are, however, times when your body experiences imbalance. When your body experiences hormonal imbalance, the yeast population may grow because of the change in environment. They may also increase if the good bacteria in your body are killed through antibiotics. Sometimes, using antibiotics can kill good microorganisms in your body. When this happens, yeast and fungi will flourish because there is nothing to hold them back.

The vaginal discharges are caused by the waste products from the increasing yeast population. These discharges also cause the itching and burning sensations. For starters, to effectively treat the vaginal yeast infection symptoms, you should always clean yourself up and wipe off the discharges as soon as it appears. You should also always wear cotton underwear since yeast thrives in moist and humid places. Even if you are itching and have the urge to apply ointments and use feminine washes, try to refrain from applying anything - especially harsh washes.

Products, especially perfumed ones, can be harsh to the skin, especially to the intimate parts of the body where skin is more sensitive. Just keep the vagina area clean and dry and dress with soft and comfortable cotton underwear. You may also use some special powder like powdered clay as medicinal talc to be applied in the vaginal area but not inside the vagina.

Douching would be a good way to soothe the itching and the burning skin. The herbs would leave a warm and comfortable feel. Besides herbal douches, some also prefer suppositories like garlic or boric acid. The boric acid can be put into a capsule and be left in the vagina for a few hours. Some also like to use garlic. A warning though, some prefer that the skin is not nicked so the juice would not seep out - this is necessary for especially sensitive skin. On the other hand, some prefer nicked ones. Both kinds, however, should be wrapped in thin gauze before being placed into the vagina.

Using herbs to cure vaginal yeast infection syndromes is a good way to bring back the pH environment. It brings back the environment to the slightly acidic pH 4.5. Some of the herbs that you can use are Calcarea carb, Natrum mur, Kali bich, Sepia and Pulsatilla.

Echinacea is a great herb that can help quell yeast infection. It actually stimulates the immune system, protecting the body against yeast organisms. You can also eat some cranberries and yoghurt regularly to help fight off the infection.

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