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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Discover the Most Effective Candida Supplements to Eliminate Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is a serious problem. While it may be dismissed as a simple skin irritation, it is a serious fungi infestation that can lead to a variety of complications and even death!

Also known as Candida infection, yeast infection occurs when the fungi Candida begins to grow in excessive numbers in the body. While Candida albicans normally grow all over the body, its numbers can easily be kept under control by the body's natural immune system. It is when the immune system is down or when the body's so-called good bacteria is killed by antibiotics, that the Candida albicans begin to increase and spread, thus causing the infection.

Among women this is usually manifested in vaginal yeast infections. Because Candida grows in dark and moist places, the vagina, as well as the mouth and underarms are most susceptible to yeast infection. On the other hand, Candida growth in the mouth is more commonly known as thrush.

There are several ways with which yeast infection can be treated. Many would recommend its immediate treatment using anti-fungal creams and ointments. To help prevent excessive Candida or yeast growth, medical practitioners also recommend the use of Candida supplements. On the other hand if Candida overgrowth is already in the extreme levels which mean that it has also begun to infiltrate your intestines and your blood stream, there are oral medications that can help address the growth of Candida in the body.

Candida supplements will work best in the early stages of Candida overgrowth. Capsules, tablets and even juices take the form of these supplements that not only help boost the immune system but aid in killing the yeast growing in the body. They will also help your Candida medication work faster, if you are already taking them.

There are several yeast infection medication and supplements that you can take. Many are available over the counter and a growing number of brands are also available online, though the internet. To determine which of these vitamins and Candida supplements will work best, check on its ingredients and components. Garlic and oregano are among the most commonly used herbs in the treatment and control of Candida growth in the body. Find out if it's organic and manufactured naturally. This will help you determine which of the Candida supplements in the market is the most potent and will give you best results.

At the same time, flax seed oil and chlorophyll will help speed up your body's detoxification process. It will help to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Ascorbic acid and natural vitamins will also help you in the fight against yeast infection. During this period you should also reduce your intake of high carbohydrate food like pasta, rice and potatoes as Candida can feed on these as well. Likewise, avoid desserts and food with high sugar content as these can worsen Candida growth in your body. Always remember that your intake of vitamins should always be accompanied by a balanced and controlled diet to help speed up the process of curing your yeast infection.

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