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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How To Deal With Tennis Elbow Pain

The tennis elbow aircast is an innovative way of relieving elbow pains. This kind of strap or armband comes in two conventional colors, the black and the beige. The elbow aircast strap/brace/armband is also known as Pneumatic Armband.

An elbow aircast can help relieve tennis elbow pains to refrain from sudden suspension of your physical activities. This painful condition is a common injury resulting from a degenerative process as a result of aging or repetitive use. It is not just an inflammation of tendons and muscles that greatly affect the outer part of the elbow. Its common name, tendon elbow, was adopted from the famous sports' name "tennis" since most tennis players are the once who tend to get it.

But then, this condition is an injury that could be experienced by most people. You might think that only tennis players or golfers can suffer from this condition but then it's not. Though it is commonly seen in two groups of people namely, manual laborers and sports participants, it still affects an equal number of men and women with ages ranging from thirty five (35) to sixty five (65). Even if you are not a tennis player, you are still prone to this condition if you are a working person. Imagine the loads of activities that you have in one day where a large portion of this is mainly physical! Moreover, you know that every movement you execute can only be very productive with the use of your arms. Certain works in the office such as handling, carrying and typing can lead to tennis elbow.

You will eventually know that you are experiencing this painful condition when, you have difficulty in grabbing and holding light objects, difficulty in doing simple tasks like shaking hands with someone or opening a door handle, you experience elbow pain as you try to straighten your fingers against resistance, morning stiffness of the elbow with persistent aching that goes beyond few days, the outer bony part of the elbow feels so tender and, soreness in the forearm. You will observe that pain is the major indication in the symptoms and there are several ideas explaining the problem occurring the tennis elbow yet it is not really known for sure. The symptoms may be the result of inadequate nutrition and necessary oxygen on the inflamed tendon since it does not have good blood flow. How are you going to face it with both hands?

There are various treatments and relievers being offered in the market. They may be in the form of therapy, surgery, medication or brace. The tennis elbow aircast or Pneumatic armband is offering a comfortable way of dealing with tennis elbow. Thus, the fabrication of tennis elbow aircast aims to help tennis elbow patients to take proper care for their injured arms. The tennis elbow aircast strap is found to be effective on clinical studies due to its small air cell technology that increases an effective pressure onto the injured part.

How can an aircast strap/brace target the cause of injury?

Simple. The aircast strap has a padded small aircell that releases pressure focusing mainly on the involved muscle and not on the surrounding area. This single pre-inflated aircell where the pressure is greater by fifty percent than that of the rest of the band's circumference, targets the inflicted part. Through this, the inflicted part of the muscle is given much focus while the blood flows with less constriction in the rest of the banded arm. Not to mention, the tennis elbow aircast strap or Pneumatic armband is inelastic band foam lined that assures comfortable and breathable fit. It doesn't slip and its foam is absorbent. Needless to say, it is soft. And if you are worried whether this band will fit you, better not be because the aircast strap or Pneumatic band is designed to be a perfect fit for most adults. It is also easy to apply. Since one of the best and conventional ways of treating this condition can be done through proper stretching and exercise, proper care and enough rest, tennis elbow aircast can remedy the symptoms as you take the necessary actions in treating tennis elbow.

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