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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How To Do The Tennis Elbow Exercises Therapy

Don't you know that tennis elbow exercises are considered to be the best ways for you to finally say goodbye to pain? In doing the easy tennis elbow exercises with rightful precautions, enough rest and proper diet, you can prevent further injury and totally eliminate pain. It's easy, right? So stop wasting your money and start doing the right things to cure your tennis elbow. How can these exercises work? We can explain that by going deeper to the nature of tennis elbow and why is it painful.

Tennis elbow, scientifically known as lateral epicondylitis, happens when there's an overexertion and repetitive motion that causes tendons to tear. If several tears are present within the tendons, they don't need to be that large to cause further injury. Micro-tearing of tendons develop scar tissue over them and this leads to further injury. This condition can also be developed from a major injury. There are many different ways to treat this kind of injury. One of these is a tennis elbow exercise. In dealing with tennis elbow, you need appropriate exercises to perform to strengthen the muscles and tendons of your forearm, as well the elbow. You have to know how to perform some stretching exercises, flexibility exercises and strengthening exercises depending on the severity of your injury and the degree its pain.

This may be advised by your doctor or physical therapist. However, here are some ways for you to be able to perform the exercises to strengthen the injured part of your elbow. Stretching the muscles is very vital when you are trying to recover from the injury. You can do the forearm stretching and wrist stretching. Just follow the simple steps below.

Forearm Stretching:

1. Extend arm fully with your palm facing down;
2. Use your uninjured arm to support and push the oustretched hand down as much as possible.

Wrist Stretching:

1. Extend arm fully with your palm facing up;
2. Use your uninjured arm to push the hands back as much as you can.

Remember that in doing these, you should not feel any sharp pain.

Let us now learn how to do some simple flexibility exercise:

1. place your hand on a table with palm up;
2. start touching your pinky finger with your thumb;
3. repeat in order with each finger;
4. do this cycle twenty times;

It is also important that you learn some strengthening exercise to really heal prevent further injuries. You can start by using a light dumbbell, something that is light enough for you to lift comfortably and then:

1. lay your arm flat with your palm facing down;
2. place the dumbbell in your hand;
3. pull your hand up using the strength in your wrist.

You can reverse this exercise by placing your palm downward and try lifting your hand up while you are grasping on the item on your hand. You can also use other objects such as canned goods or heavy bean bags.

These are helpful ways to do the tennis elbow exercises in order to find some relief but you can of course learn a simple exercise routine to do at home in order to completely get rid of your elbow symptoms forever.

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