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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If The Cause Is Muscle There Is No Money In It

I have become dumb founded by the idea that the medical establishment is unable to identify that the cause of pain could be muscle. I have been struck by the fact that they could be so ignorant to this fact. How is it possible in the estimated 83 million people suffering from chronic pain that not just one of them could be suffering from pain emanating from muscle.

I realize that the key to their method of diagnosing pain is the x-ray or MRI. I also realize that a muscle strain, muscle spasm, muscle weakness or muscle shortness could never come up on these tests and since the thrust of the medical establishment is so hell bent on utilizing what ever positive finding comes from these tests as their diagnosis, well this certainly would make it difficult for them to identify muscle as the cause of pain.

Then there are the pain management specialists that believe that a trigger point that occurs in a muscle is only creating pain because it is causing nerves that surround the muscle to become "inflamed"; another psychotic thought but it is what they believe.

I have come to the belief over my almost 18 years of practicing therapy and resolving people's pain that the medical establishment was ignorant or just plain dumb and then it hit me, There is no money in muscle being the cause of pain.

Just think about it. If the cause of pain is muscle then the only true mechanism for resolving pain is targeted muscle strengthening. There are no surgeries to perform. There are no pills to give. There are no pills to make that can make muscles stronger. There are no diagnostic tests to show how strong a muscle is. There are no physicians visits needed to make the muscle stronger.

Unfortunately for the medical establishment it would only take the person to understand how to strengthen muscles correctly and given a little time, they could resolve their pain on their own. This premise would crush areas of the medical establishment like radiology, neurology and orthopedics. Cottage industries like pain management would no longer be necessary. The pharmaceutical industry would have to find some thing else to attack with medications they could produce.

Well listen up folks. I have proven that the cause of pain in most cases is muscle weakness or imbalance and that targeted strength training was the only true method to resolving most pain. I have stopped thousands of people from getting unnecessary surgeries and taking narcotic drugs. If you want to get off the medical establishment carousel of invalid diagnostic tests leading to narcotic medications leading to unnecessary surgeries leading to further diagnostic tests leading to narcotic medications leading to unnecessary surgeries, I am giving you the brass ring to get off the carousel.

Join me and understand how muscle weakness or imbalance is causing most pain and recognize that a little targeted strength training is all you need to resolve your pain. You don't have to continue to pay for the medical establishment's lavish life style just because they don't want the answer to resolving pain to be that the cause is muscle.

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