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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Isolation Precautions to Be Taken in Nursing Care

It is a matter of grave responsibility to take care of a patient at home. One can easily unburden oneself of the responsibility by admitting the patient in a hospital. But that is not desirable for many who prefer to take care of the patient in front of them. Some of us feel that a patient might be neglected in a hospital hence the best option for them is to avail an individual nursing care for their ward. But complications arise when the patient is suffering from any kind of infectious disease. This put the health of other member of the house in jeopardy. But the patient is more in need of his/her own people. He/she cannot be left or abandoned.

Availing nursing service is a great way to take care of the patient but a few isolation precautions are needed to be taken to make the matter more manageable. All one needs is an experienced and trained nurse who can take care of the situation. Here are some isolation precautions that your appointed nurse needs to take to take care of:

A nurse should be trained and skilled enough to educate rest of the family members about the dos and don'ts around the patient so that they themselves do not get infected.

The nurse should always maintain the primary hygiene of washing hands every time she handles the patient. So that she herself does not become the carrier of the disease around the house. The same applies for all those who are in aid of the patient along with the nurse to accompany.

Use breathing masks and hand gloves for further hygienic way of handling the patient. Many of us have the partial knowledge that gloves and masks are only for the protection of the person taking care of the patient but that is really not the whole story. Gloves and masks help prevent aggravating the ailment by coming in contact with other germs.

Always keep the patient isolated in a separate room. This will prevent infection to other people as well.

Always dispose of all the cotton, tissues papers and needles used for the patient away so that others are not infected by it.

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