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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Know More About Occupational Therapy and Wheel Chair Assessment

The concept of Occupational therapy is not new one; it has been used to balance a relationship between occupation and health of individuals since a long time. Occupational therapy aims at empowering the people, in order to perform their routine life with confidence and zeal. It uses actions artistically and therapeutically to get goals which are significant to a person and to decrease the cause of dysfunction. Many surveys and studies have revealed the impact of occupation on people's health and mental state, therefore the role of such therapies is enhancing with a great speed.

In today's tense and busy occupational life more and more people are relying on occupational therapist services. Occupational therapist is the trained professionals who help peoples to accomplish a happy and satisfied state in day to day life. The role of these professionals is to give support and training to the needy so that they can able to live without help of others.

Occupational performance ranging from physiological to functional is an essential aspect of each day life. Majority of the professionals has their busy daily office schedule of 6-8 hours, as per profession requirement. Sometimes, in order to achieve goals in working environment we go through headache, stress, physical disorder and stiff neck etc...The Ergonomic assessment helps you to design your workplace environment, devices, specific positions and furniture such a way, so that you can work efficiently without mental and physical disorder. Rehab solutions are worldwide popular as ergonomic connection for quality workplace solutions.

There are lots of things that occupational therapist take care while providing ergonomic assessment like a comfortable and decent chair for office use, positions of forearms at about a 90 degree angle, regular breaks needed for refreshments, position of head and neck, Lower back support, Wrists/hands/forearms alignments and need of workplace occupational health team or an ergonomic assessor.

Your wheelchair should be compatible to all your body parts. A wheel chair assessment is much needed to know the basic knowledge about positions of different body parts while sitting on wheelchair. It is considered that good power wheelchair can reduce your body ache, sore shoulders and knotted back muscles. The most vital relationship linking your body with wheelchair is the position of the wheels. The wheels should be relative to user's hands and arms. If your position is high above the wheels and your arms are straight, then you will not be able to get the benefit of your arms as you move forward.

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