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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Perfect Health - How to Balance Body, Mind and Spirit

After many years of trial and error I have finally found the answer. Being obese has been a heavy burden to carry around, I am sure you know what I mean. Yet every time I try a new diet or think I had found the magic bullet, something would happen deep inside that would reverse the positive I had when I first looked at the said product.

I have heard of Perfect Health and always wondered what it was about. I did a lot of reading, and soul searching to try and understand what was wrong with me. I soon found out that what was wrong seemed to be very spreadable. Most people were just like me. Isn't that funny, maybe we all have been looking at the wrong place for the same answer.

Perfect health - how to balance body, mind and spirit all starts with knowledge.

1. You need to forget all you have learned about eating and be open minded about teaching yourself how your body really works.
2. Let your mind become the leader. Forget your stomach, it does not give you life, it only sustains your physical well being.
3. Reach deep inside yourself and accept who you are and become the best you on the planet.

Obesity is not an acceptable way of life. You know that and so do I. Finding the right balance is how I finally was able to take over my life. I also found out that I needed help and accepted to reach out. Don't get me wrong, the type of help I needed was hard to find. I needed to find someone that would let me have ideas and be the leader in my recovery and not a follower.

I needed to understand how the mind was so important in directing messages to my body and why. I needed to stop this terrible affliction I had of not being able to control urges and binge eating and why.

Now I know where I am going because I have become the "Perfect Health" leader of my life. I have learned to change the focus in my eating habits. I have learned to live with what I cannot change and accept it. I have found a formula that is adapted only to me. I decide how, when, what and where.

If you are obese and are looking for the answer that will change your life , you are at the right place.

Perfect Health does exist and I have found it. If you want to share this knowledge and tell others you need to take care of you.

Are you sick and tired of all the diets and pills and special miracle cures? I was and today I am a miracle. I walk 10 kilometers 1 day in only 90 minutes. I am 58 and feel like I was 30. If you would of said to me that I would ever feel the way I do today, even just 5 years ago, I would of called you crazy.

Well, I am not crazy, I am just like you. Would you like to be the real you instead of what you are now?

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