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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary: A Reason to Choose This Career

Physical therapy assistant salary is one of the main reasons to be happy with this career choice, and if you are just interested in this career, it is an excellent reason to consider with regards to your future income, and the job demand for your future profession. A PTA makes a very serviceable salary for the work they do. One of the most important aspect of your future pay day is that it will be consistent. If you are going to study at a physical therapy assistant school, you want to be sure there are PTA jobs that pay you fairly, and are in demand.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth is expected to increase by 35 percent by 2018, much faster and higher than the median for all occupations in the United States.With a higher demand for qualified PTA's it is a very realistic to figure that there may also be a similar growth pattern with regards to the physical therapy assistant salary. The Nation is experience an aging population currently, as the baby boomers age there will be much more need for aid and care. Physical Therapy is a service that will see an increase in its demand due to this very scenario. An aging population is more prone and chronic conditions that compromise mobility and health.

Let's be honest, salary is one of the factors that determines what career we choose plain and simple. Obviously if you choose to study as a PTA, you have an interest in working with individuals, helping others, and gaining a vast knowledge of medical and anatomy terminology. But one of the factors is the physical therapy assistant salary. Having a career that pays you fairly for the work you do, makes you feel like a professional. Also you can take care of your bills and your business on the home front by having a career that allows you to cover your costs of living and some. While PTA's are not the highest paid workers in the world, they get paid quite well for their skill level, and for the education level that they have obtained (Associates degree as physical therapy assistant)

According to the newest information provided at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a physical therapist assistant's median salary of 46,140, with the average range anywhere from 37,170 to over 54,900 annually. If you are interested in relocating, you will find the physical therapy assistant jobs are available all throughout all the states, making this an easy career to be in for relocation. Relocation to a different state will have little effect on your physical therapy assistant salary.

a career that both excites you, challenges you, and in which you receive a respectable physical therapy assistant salary are many of the reasons to consider this career. The diversity of the work involved, and the amount of people you will work with on a given day just add to the benefits of the salary, this truly is a solid job choice for the present and for your financial future.

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