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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Understanding Female Yeast Infection is the First Step to Finding a Cure

The human body is a vessel of other living things in the form of microorganisms. You can find millions of cells, bacteria and other living beings in your body. While you may cringe at the thought of bacteria in your body, you should understand that you actually need them. For example, good bacteria in your body help control the population of yeast and other harmful organisms. To understand female yeast infection, you should soon learn that it is brought about by changes in your body. These changes may be caused by hormonal changes or external actions like the intake of antibiotics. While antibiotics kill off the bad bacteria in your body that make you ill, it also kills off the good bacteria. And when the good bacteria are smaller in number, they would not be able to control the other harmful organisms like yeast. This is when yeast proliferates and cause yeast infections.

When yeast infects the genitals, the vagina for women, they cause itching and discharges. First, the yeast population increases then they produce waste products in the form of these discharges. The discharge then causes irritation to the skin. It causes itching and burning sensations - depending on the sensitivity of the skin and the severity of the yeast infection. The first thing that you should do is to use panty liners and change them regularly. Keep the vagina area clean and dry since yeast like humid and moist places. Wear cotton underwear and other breathable materials.

You should also consider the fact that the vagina needs to maintain a pH balance of 4.5. And so you should try to veer away harsh detergents and perfumed products. Not only will these irritate your vaginal area, but it also disrupts the balance in that area. Once there is an imbalance, it can result in female yeast infection.

As long as there is imbalance, the yeast infection will continue. So what should be done is to regain the balance and to return the good bacteria. You can do this by drinking cranberry juice and sauce. You should also take yoghurt and lactobacilli to regain the good bacteria in your body.

Another thing to watch out for is the tendency to pass on yeast infection to your sexual partner. Even men get yeast infection. And this passing on is one of the reasons why female yeast infection can recur. So if you plan to have your infection treated, you should also have your partner checked. If your partner has yeast infection and you have been cured, he can pass it on to you again. Douching or rinsing with medicinal solutions can also be done with the use of herbs and other natural ingredients.

One reason why yeast occurs is the weakening of the immune system. So the herbs that should be used for anti-yeast tea and douching should help strengthen the immune system. An example is the herb Purslane. Other herbs used are anti-inflammatory like goldenrod and ivy. Alcohol-based products and those with perfume should be avoided to prevent further irritation.

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