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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Want To Lose Weight?

So, here we are at the beginning of the "I'm going to lose weight" or "I'm going to be healthy" season again.

In America, we sit in the most obese of all country's, and we have the most diet foods available than any other. If we have more resources than any one else to fight this condition, then why are we so fat?

First of all, we drive everywhere! 2 blocks, we are getting in the car to go there. No one here walks anywhere any more, and if you do, people look at you strange.

In this little Idaho town we live in, our local grocery store is 6 blocks away. My husband and I regularly walk to the grocery store, or to the hardware store (8 blocks), to the park (3 blocks) or we just walk around the town (2.6 miles) just for exercise and if we need something, we stop into the stores and carry it home. People use to ask us all the time, "Oh, is your car broken? Do you need a ride?" No, we are just out walking!

My kids just think I'm mean when they say, "Mom, can I go to (a variety store)? Can you take me?"...No, it's only a few block, you can walk!

What is the objection to walking! People like to be seen at the gym, I know 'cause I see all these fancy women paying big bucks for workout clothes and paying lots of money for memberships so they can be seen, but if your not that vain or self centered, or you just don't have the money for all the extra stuff, try walking for the everyday stuff. Park the car in the parking lot you don't have to pay for, get a little luggage cart, and start doing your shopping by walking, you'll notice better deals in store windows, you'll relieve stress and you'll conserve gas, saving you money. The other advantage is, if you go shopping with friends, you have a lot more time to talk and develop a better relationship with them.

We need to teach our kids that walking isn't a poor sport, it's not something for old people in the mall...walking is natural, simple and healthy and they can do it too.

America, in this coming "Weight Loss" season, do something cheap, something easy, something environmental, something healthy....START WALKING!

D.S. Epperson is the top formulator for Home Blend Gourmet / South Pacific Health, a leader in the functional food industry in the U.S.. With 20 years of experience in Nutritional Biochemistry, she has written reference books on botanicals and manufacturing of medicines from botanicals, and published articles on health, fitness and foods. She has formulated over 240 formulas and inventions for health, the environment and agricultural uses, and continues to research and study microbial advantages in nutraceuticals and functional foods.

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