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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Are the Causes of Forward Head Posture?

Do you always complain about sore chest muscles, aching back and neck, heavy shoulders, headaches, numbness of arms, facial pain, and lack of sleep? All of these ailments are caused by one condition, forward head posture. There are a number of causes of FHP and most of them are attributed to the modern day activities we have today.

If you are looking down while typing on the computer or reading a book, driving a car, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, sleeping on the couch with your head on the arm rest, or looking into the microscope, you are moving your head forward. The longer you stay at a forward head position, the more at risk you are for the abnormal forward head posture.

You should carefully consider all of the activities you do each day, especially if some of them happen in the workplace. I'm not saying you should quit your job but shouldn't you at least do something to correct your abnormal FHP? There are certainly some things you can do to correct and prevent FHP at the same time.

If your work involves long hours of sitting and working on the computer, it would be best to incorporate posture-correcting exercises for a few minutes. Don't stay too long on one position, try walking around the office for a bit. Go make some coffee or stretch out your limbs.

Another thing you can do is to put a pillow on the chair where you spend most of time on. Make sure that the pillow supports you lower back because a supported lower back will automatically signal your body to keep a straight posture, thus preventing FHP.

One of the highly recommended posture correcting devices are posture braces. To prevent and correct FHP, you should select a brace that supports not only your back but also your neck since this is the root cause of all the ailments you feel. You won't even notice that you're wearing a brace and the best part is that your forwarded head posture slowly goes back to its proper position.

Always remember that if your head is no longer forwarded, your spine is cleared from the abnormal curvature which blocks the normal circulation of fluids in your system. When the circulation is brought back to normal, you won't feel any of the painful ailments associated with FHP. That's good news, isn't it?

Some people don't realize that some of the ailments they feel are associated with one condition, the forwarded head posture. The fastest and best way to correct and prevent this is to use a posture brace. There are some posture brace reviews that allow you to select the best braces that support postural muscles from the neck down.

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