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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Is Running The Insane Asylum?

I was given an article from WebMD called Chronic Pain Relief: New Treatments from my friend which truly exemplifies why most people can not resolve their pain through the medical establishment. The premise behind how they treat pain is insane. Quote-"At times, however, there is no obvious cause of the chronic pain problem- which has been frustrating for both patients and their doctors". This is a clear indication that they are incapable of identifying the cause of pain. The use of the MRI which is touted as the gold standard for diagnosing clearly cannot correlate these findings to pain or it would be a snap to establish the cause of pain and resolve the pain thereby eliminating chronic pain.

Quote-"Today's pain specialists understand how the sensation of pain occurs-how the nervous system, including the spinal cord, interacts with the brain to create that sensation". Excuse me but you are missing the initial path of a pain signal. They don't understand the most basic premise about pain. Pain is a signal of a tissue in distress. A pain receptor in the connective tissue that surrounds the tissue is triggered by the tissue in distress to make the brain aware of the distress. If you look at their description, they do not describe the pain receptor in the tissue identifying the tissue in distress. They mention the spinal cord and the brain.

Now you can see the problem. If you don't understand what triggers the pain signal or identify that a pain receptor even exists, you will NEVER RESOLVE PAIN. They focus on the messenger system; the spinal cord to the brain.

Here is a classic analogy to see how psychotic this method of treating pain is. If you sever the corotid artery in the neck and you begin to severely bleed down your neck onto your shirt, your shirt would get very bloody. The medical establishment would see this and say you need to change your shirt. First they would change the shirt from a white shirt to a red shirt hoping you wouldn't see the blood as much. Then they might change it to a black shirt hoping it is a better backdrop to hide the blood. They might suggest removing your torso so you don't have a place to wear a shirt and that way the blood won't be seen.

All this without the idea of truly trying to understand what caused the bleeding or how to resolve the bleeding which would prevent blood from getting on the your shirt. In this article you have pain management physicians endorsing the use of antidepressants, anticonvulsants, narcotic addictive medications, severing of nerves and other surgeries just to address pain; the equivalent of the blood in my scenario. They told you they are perplexed by what causes pain.

If these are the people in charge of the asylum, the people in the asylum; specifically the lay person is going to have a tough time ever getting out of the asylum. Wake up to the reality that the people in charge of the medical establishment are sicker then the people they are supposed to be treating. They say they are confused by what causes pain but continue to look farther into ways to mask pain. And these ways are getting more and more extreme.

Please for god's sake, take control of your life. I understand what causes pain. I can resolve the cause and end your journey along the path of masking agent after masking agent. In most cases the cause of pain is muscle weakness or imbalance. I have proven in thousands of cases. Get the information and resolve your pain now. You have to depend on yourself to understand the cause of pain You don't want to depend on the insane who run the asylum.

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