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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Discover the Secrets to Curing Yeast Infections Naturally

There are studies that show that three out of four women have experienced yeast infections at least once in their life. There are also studies that show that antibiotics are sometimes not that effective in quelling the yeast. In fact, the old and inexpensive ways of curing yeast infections are even more effective.

Anti-fungal and anti-yeast antibiotics merely kill off the fungi and the yeast. However, this does not remedy the situation since it does not address the cause of yeast infections - an imbalance in the environment of the affected body part like the intestines and the vagina. Often, yeast infections occur because of the lack of balancing good bacteria and microorganisms. Sometimes they are killed by antibiotics. Sometimes the hormonal changes in one's body create an environment where yeast thrives.

Some of the most effective natural products found in your home that may return the healthy bacteria in your body are yoghurt and lactobacilli, cranberry juice and sauce and boric acid. Other products, on the other hand, that may kill off the yeast and the fungi are a dose of garlic and onions and vinegar and honey. You can also use garlic and vinegar for douching or as vaginal suppository.

You can also try curing yeast infections through the use of herbs. You can either make anti-yeast tea or use the herbs to be made into douching solutions. Nowadays, with the prevalence of online shops, you can easily look into herb shops and find the herb of your choice. Some websites even help out customers by having a herb glossary. You can just look into their herb list and their remedies. Just look for those that will be able to combat yeast infections.

Herbs can be made into teas, douching solutions or boluses. If you want to make your own anti-yeast tea you can follow this recipe: 2 parts of sage, 2 parts raspberry leaves, 2 parts mullein and 1/4 goldenseal root. The herbs should be powdered and four to six teaspoons should be mixed into a quart of water. The water should be cold and then simmered in low heat. After 20 minutes strain the mixture and serve. It may be quite bitter so you can mix it with cranberry juice. You can have a cup half of the mixture and half cranberry juice. Its effect would not be diluted since cranberry juice is also a remedy for yeast infections.

For a more direct cure, you can try making your own douching solution and bolus. Curing yeast infections this way is better since you are directly trying to quell the yeast infection. Here is a douching recipe that is quite easy to find and make: put in 1/2 ounce of the aforementioned anti-yeast tea, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup yoghurt and a tiny drop of tee tree oil. Steep the mixture in a quart of water for one hour. Cool it a little and put it in a douche bag. Gently use the douche bag every few days or daily if the infection is severe.

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