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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Discover Why You Need to Cure Your Intestinal Yeast Infection As Soon As Possible

There is a little amount of yeast in each of our bodies. Occurring in small populations, they are usually harmless to the body. However, they may affect bodily functions if the body cannot control their population and they increase in numbers. They are present in the different parts of the body, especially in moist and humid cavities like the mouth, the esophagus, the intestinal tract, the bladder and the genitalia (vagina and even the penis). The yeast and the fungus may even cause more severe infections if not treated. Yeast infection, a fungal infection, is called candidiasis.

If normal and healthy, people will not develop candidiasis such as intestinal yeast infection. Yeast is prevented from growing by the body's immune system and microorganism like natural bacteria in the body. If your body and immune system weakens, you may develop yeast infections. This is why people with diabetes have a higher chance of getting yeast infection.

Fungi of the Candida species frequent the oral and intestinal cavities. This is why once a person develops systemic yeast infection, the intestine becomes an affected area. Once a person develops intestinal yeast infection, it may cause several effects. First of all, the yeast and fungi would most likely wrap themselves all across the intestinal walls. They thrive by eating off the walls of the digestive tract. Their increased presence will definitely leave you feeling tired and without energy. Since they feed off the walls, you don't get enough nutrition from the food you eat. They also block off your digestive walls from taking in the nutrition besides competing with your body. Besides impairing your digestion, it may spread to other parts of your body.

Why and how does this happen? One reason for yeast and fungal growth is the use of antibiotics. Using antibiotics kills bacteria. And it does not only kill the targeted culprit but also the other friendly bacteria in the intestines. Once these other bacteria are lost, the intestines become more prone of yeast and fungal growth.

If this persists and the fungi and the yeast are not eradicated, it can result in severe cases. Luckily, there are natural treatments that may be done to kill the fungi and the yeast and to regain the balance. You may try taking some anti-fungal pills though often it does not completely remedy the problem. Eating yoghurt and other drinks with bacteria such as lactobacilli would help regain the balance of good bacteria and to counter intestinal yeast infection. You should also stay away from sugar or sweet stuff and red meat since they create an intestinal environment that yeast like.

As a daily regimen you can create an tonic drink made from a mix of honey and apple cider vinegar. There are numerous herbs that may be powdered or drank as tea that would help cure you of your yeast infection. Cranberry juice and sauce is also great for combating candidiasis. Herbs such as sage, goldenseal root and raspberry leaf may be made into an anti-yeast tea.

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