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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Posture Analysis

How do you know if you have good posture? The answer is simple but knowing the real postural condition of your body seems a bit obscure because you can easily cheat yourself into thinking that you have a good posture. Not convinced? Well, take a look at the way you're sitting at the moment. Okay, so you have a good posture now but a few seconds ago you we're slouching. The introduction just made you realize how bad your posture really is, isn't it?

In order to be certain, you can ask someone, a friend perhaps, to help you out. Proper posture analysis takes a bit of unawareness. How? Well, your friend should watch the way you move, how you sit, stand, and walk. You should not be aware that your friend is observing your movement or you might end up being conscious about your posture all the time. After some time and several instances of observation, your friend can tell you how good or how bad your posture really is.

If you are quite shy to have your posture analysis done by someone, you can also do it yourself. Here's an idea. You can stand beside a full length view mirror and picture an imaginary straight 90-degrees line from your head down to your feet. The line should pass through these important points - ears, shoulders, knees, and ankles. If the line missed one of these points, there's something wrong with your posture.

So what's next? How can you fix posture? What should you do to get your proper posture back? There are a number of ways to get posture back but knowing them is not enough. You should live them, use them to your advantage, and only then should you see the difference they can make for your physique.

One of the things you can do is perform posture exercises but sometimes with our busy schedules, we can't always stick to our posture-correcting plans. There's another way to fix your posture and this is easier. The answer is a posture brace that will fit the posture-correcting method you need.

From the analysis you or your friend did earlier, what seems to be the problem? Do you have a forward head posture, a slouched back, or both? Knowing the main problem with your posture can help you decide and determine the correct posture brace you should use to start the rehabilitation.

Analyzing your posture is just the start of posture correction. Knowing where the problem lies should help you decide which posture brace is appropriate for your body. However, knowing what's best is a bit difficult without an expert's guide. For this, we recommend checking out some of our expert posture brace reviews before you go out and buy the brace that will help you restore your body's rhythm.

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