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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thrush Yeast Infection - Is There a Safe and Effective Cure?

Thrush yeast infections are formed due to the formation of big populations of any species of candida in the body. Commonly, it is found in the gastric tract, but it could also appear in any part of the digestive system. It also appears in the genitals and the skin. This infection is known as Candidiasis, candida syndrome, systematic candidiasis, and to the common man, a yeast infection.

Its symptoms vary according to where in the body this actually occurs. Oral thrush would mean having sensitive white lesions in your mouth area, which could bleed with brushing and scraping. Genital thrushes would include excreting white-cheese like lesions and could also be accompanied with itchiness, soreness and burning sensations. It is also possible gain acquirement of this without the symptoms showing through, but usually, in penises, this is identified through the red patch-like sores on its head. Infant thrushes could be recognized with white, milk-like coatings on tongues. Some other symptoms are similar with the oral fungal candida. Thrush yeast infection could be life threatening and fatal in some rare cases. This could apply mostly to people with low defenses like acquired immune deficiency syndrome patients because of their immune system's heightened weakness.

There are various remedies for thrush yeast infections. In ancient times, raw garlic was consumed to get rid of the outbreak of fungal infections in the body. Diluted Tea tree oil is also used against oral candidiasis. Tea tree oil could also be used to eliminate vaginal thrush. Organic coconut oil could also be a wise solution both in internal and external thrushes. It makes the nucleus of the yeast cell blow up and thus eliminating and killing the fungus. Clove oil is also said to be effective in curing thrush because of its natural anti-fungal properties. Plain, unsweetened yogurt is also proven effective because if the good bacteria it releases that restricts the growth of the fungus. Probiotics are also useful since this is the kind of good bacteria that attacks and eliminates candida ablican bacteria. All said cures are organic and safe to use.

When in treatment, you should avoid feeding the fungus by trying to eliminate sugar and yeast infested food like dried fruits, oats, beers and other alcoholic drinks, pastries, sodas and honey in your diet. Try to eat yogurt, canola, olive oil, unprocessed oils, nuts, protein, vegetables and grain alternatives for a change and don't forget to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Remember to always have a good hygiene. Take regular showers and use unscented soaps to bathe to keep your regular areas clean. Wear clean underwear and keep your work areas clean. Regular intake of cranberry juice could help with the prevention and try not to have sex for a while to keep the fungus from being passed from one victim to another. If condition of your thrush yeast infection worsens, I advise that you see a doctor.

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